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Move on!?

This poem discuss the pros and cons of how tough is it to move on. People usually considers moving on-an act of bravery without thinking the possibilities. The poem mentions that "moving on" is not always an act of bravery. Move on, according to Google, has two meanings: "Leave some act" or "Progress"...Which meaning you chose decides your destiny.


Is #Name enough to prove you exist? Valuing the name is the toughest part of life. Read out this random Hindi scribbler that just popped out suddenly.

My Graduation (Farewell) Songs Playlist with Lyrics

Finally, I finished my graduation in Bachelor's Degree in Computers this June 2016 with distinction and first rank in my department. This obviously asked for some cheering, emotional and lyrically attractive songs for celebrations and that made me come across some beautifully composed songs on graduation. Here is the playlist collected from various sources like IBTimes, altpress and youtube with lyrics. Hope you all graduates here-goes back to nostalgia-dance and enjoy. Happy Graduation and Enjoy.

I am learning!

After a long break, I resumed updating the blog..This is the poem which shares few lessons learnt in this short period of break...To summarize it: Moments and life's value remains with us always, but in rush and hush, in shyness and hesitations-it is we ourselves, who don't see or enjoy them and when we realize it-it gets too late....

My attempt to write Gujarati Shayaris...

Yup, suddenly one day my friend texted me to know whether I can write him up few Gujarati pieces on various topics. Well, skeptically I told I would try. And here am I with few Gujarati Shayaris...I don't know whether they fits well with format or rhymes...But as they are written by me, I thought of sharing them through my blog...

My top 10 Gujarati songs and gazal playlist with lyrics

Today is International Mother Language day. On this occasion, I took a moment to sort and find my personal favorite Gujarati songs. There are ample of devotional Gujarati songs like "Mara Ghat ma Birajta shreenathji..." or "Tara vina shyaam mane ekaldu laage..." and body boggling Gujarati Garba songs like "Maro helo sambhlo ji..." or  "Sanedo..."; however this list does not cover either of them...This list presents all time popular Gujarati Gazals and Fresh Gujarati songs....

I have tried to find those videos which have the lyrics within, however, for other videos, I have provided links for lyrics. Here is the compiled list of top 10 Gujarati songs with lyrics. I am sure, all would like them.

Sonnet:Laugh Out Loud

A Sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line. This is the sonnet echoing how the new generation is mad on selfies and have forgotten even to smile while clicking themselves.

Fantastico feast of 5 Haiku! (Part 2)

According to Oxford dictionary, Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Even though haiku being strictly shorter, the depth of message they convey is much larger. In this world, where we all remain in hurry, these short haiku are quick nutritious food for our robotic brain. They surely affect our creative buds. This list contains a fantastico feast of 5 haiku along with their explanation, I prepared specially for those who begin their day searching for fresh thoughts in unique way.

In this post, other 5 Haiku are explained. (To read other 5 Haiku, click here)